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Tacos, Tourists and Trampstamps

This post was originally from February 9, 2023 And we’re off!  Yesterday started bright and early when our Uber picked us up at 3am. Our flights were super easy compared to what I’m used to; especially comparing my last two trips to South Africa which takes almost 2 days of travel! A half hour flight…

Arriba Arriba!!

This post was originally from February 7, 2023 It has been far too long since my last big travel adventure like this, hasn’t it?! The last big trip was right when the world was shutting down in 2020. As you might know, so much has happened to me since then. I fell in love, got…

Finding Love Across the World

As many of you have followed my journey over the years, you may have noticed that finding that special someone has been a difficult task for me. Relationships would come and go, but I never found that person who I could connect with on a deeper level or that I would want to share the…

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