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Who is The Urban Wanderer?


Hi there, my name is Heather and I am The Urban Wanderer.  The goal behind my blog is to inspire you to discover the world while using tourism as a catalyst for sustainable development and cross-cultural sharing. I believe that if we travel respectfully and mindfully we not only have the power to create positive change, but we as travelers in turn grow to be better more understanding human beings.

Even though I live a pretty regular life with a full-time job, I try to go on at least one overseas adventure per year. This means that I skimp, save and try to live the happiest life possible throughout the year so that I can experience my one true love…travel!

If you are a single female who has the desire to see the world but perhaps is a little worried about stepping outside of your comfort zone, let me help you build your confidence by finding the perfect sustainable travel experience.

Follow my journey while I explore the far corners of the earth, bridging the cultural divide and bringing a piece of the world to you!


The Artsy Fartsy Sideart3

A lot of my artistic inspiration has been influenced from what I’ve seen around this great big world of ours and I try to incorporate this into my art and jewelry designs. My favorite forms of art are both mixed media and pen and ink. I love how mixed media can take the best qualities from all art forms by bringing in colour, texture, and real images into one piece. And on the opposite spectrum, I enjoy the simplicity of pen and ink. Because of the interest from those around me I am now a regular vendor at local art/craft markets in the city. The Urban Gypsy shop consists of my original art on canvas, my drawings screen printed on clothing, hand crafted mala jewelry and my travel photography. If any of my pieces spark an interest feel free to contact me. I also am happy to create custom pieces or design your next tattoo!







8 responses to “Who is The Urban Wanderer?”

    • That means so much Penny! Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope that in the future I can share stories of the people I meet along my travels. I think these will be the real inspiring stories.


  1. Hey Heather !!
    I was in International week in University of Alberta, its privilege to know about your views about traveling. I liked your idea of traveling with less impact in the destination. Your thinking about empowering local businesses, tradition, people and discouraging child beggar was a highlight. I hope people who attended particularly your session have enchanted about responsible tourism.

    I have studied Tourism and worked in travel sector about 8 years in Nepal. Currently, i am in studying in Canada. You might be in India now and traveling different places there. I don’t know if you have traveled to Nepal or not but its definitely place to explore. You can put in your bucket list.

    Thanks for your short, refreshing views about responsible tourism.

    Norquest College

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Dipesh! Thank you so much for your lovely message! I apologize for the delay, but I think you knew that I was traveling. It makes my heart so happy that my talk at International Week was well responded. Thank you for letting me know! That is fantastic that you have studied tourism in the travel sector in Nepal. What are you studying here in Canada? I would love to visit your country one day. Have you noticed a major halt in tourism since the earthquake? How is your country recovering?
      All the best!


  2. Hey Heather !!
    Nice to hear from you 🙂
    How was your trip to India? must be interesting, surprises and exciting !!

    Currently, I am studying Community Support Worker program. It is going well with few ups and down. Nepal is rebuilding after earthquake but it is more affected by the political system. Hope it will be better in future.

    Thanks again…..


  3. Hi Dipesh,

    Southern India was spectacular and so much different from the north. Sri Lanka was also super amazing. Stay tuned as I will be adding my stories to my blog 🙂 That is amazing that you are studying Community Support, good luck with your studies!



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