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The First Glimpse of Cape Town

Hey Everyone!
 I’m here! At the bottom of the earth! After a grueling 27 hours of travel,  I made it into Cape Town on Saturday night. The beauty of arriving at night is that it is a big surprise when you wake up the next day and head outside. You just never know what is around the corner!1
Yesterday I spent the day at the V&A Waterfront. This Marina and harbour is full of beautiful and historical buildings dating back to the late 1800’s. The buildings remain in tact, but inside are neat shops and markets that make for a great afternoon of people watching.
After a lovely invitation to go ‘clubbing’ by my waiter I quickly decided I’d be less conspicuous by heading to the Two Oceans Aquarium. Who knew that this would also become a place of birth control? I have never seen so many children running around in all m2[1]y life. This little German kid told me not to stick my hand in the sting ray tank…I told the kid to go to Heil Hitler! Kidding. I smiled and nodded and slowly side-stepped  away… As I sat there transfixed by the massive sharks in the predator tank I was rudely interrupted by another little demon who stuck a bloody lollipop  to my leg.  Piss on this attraction…it was time to move my ass out of the child vortex and head outside into the sun.
Today was an amazing day. I was picked up by the friend of a friend of a friend named Marlan. He’s this chipper fella who was ready to be my guide. We first drove to Simon’s Town where we had lunch. I had just finished telling Marlan about my love of animals when I nearly tripped over a decomposing rat with maggots all over it. I had to clarify that living non-rodents would be preferable. So we went to the famous Boulder’s Beach where we saw hundreds of African Penguins in their natural habitat. You could literally walk right up to the penguin and sit down next to it while it sunned itself on the rock. It was so cool.4[1]
Driving along the scenic coast was amazing. The water is a turquoise blue and the beaches are powder white. This city is simply gorgeous and the only fault that I can find is that the water is so bloody cold. If you are brave enough to subject your body to utterly freezing temperatures, you might walk out a Popsicle, or worse, be an afternoon treat for the plethora of sharks. Shark signs that line the beach just don’t give tourists like me a vote of confidence for a leisurely swim in the sea!3[1]
After supper we took a cable car up Table Mountain. This is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and when you get to the top there is no denying this! Table Mountain looks particularly dramatic as it rises almost straight from the sea ending in a virtually flat-topped peak. What took my breath away was the continuous rolling of clouds just below. It was like you were walking high above the clouds and it’s just one of those places where you can’t fully grasp it’s beauty. After watching the sun set we made our way down. Cape Town truly is a city like no other10[1]

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