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I didn’t get blown up!


this post is originally from May 26, 2011

Wow!!! My time in Morocco has come to an end. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown and how much ground we’ve covered. It was amazing to travel by car throughout the country because we were able to see so much of the country and experience the real Morocco.288597_10150744747340434_436075_o
Another of our stops was a few days ago where we stayed high in the Atlas Mountains. We had to have asses/donkeys carry our bags up the mountains while we hiked using those poles. Of course, just as we began our hike a storm appeared, and by the time we reached the top we were all soaked! There wasn’t much of a reprieve because instead of a hotel we were staying in a Homestay house. It was a traditional Berber home with stone walls and no heat. The views were absolutely unreal and although it was not the most comfortable of nights, this is something that I know is a once in a life time opportunity and I will never forget!

Since the last post I have also taken a cooking class. As those who know me know, I am not the best cook , so don’t get yourself too excited! We cooked a tagine –  this is a dish that is cooked in these ceramic pots with funnel like lids that boil the food inside. Not rocket science but I will not be carrying a tagine pot home, so no replicating this dish once I return home!258573_10150654700665434_650287_o

One of our last stops was Essouera, which was a beautiful coastal town. We were finally able to find pizza (the food I have been craving most) and the shopping was fun. It is a shame because I so wanted to lay on the beach and go swimming but it just wouldn’t be cool to be in a bikini here in Morocco. That is definitely one thing that I look forward to in Spain…being able to wear whatever I want in the heat. Being fairly covered can be difficult when it is over 30 degrees!!! I guess this is what you call ‘first world problems’!254147_10150654715845434_574262_n

The last few days have been in the bustling city of  Marrakech. It is a big city…definitely a bit more dirty and a place where i am happy to leave. Tomorrow we are off to Saville, Spain which is exciting.


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