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Do you know the way to San Jose?

This post is originally from January 31, 2013


Hey Everyone,

This is day three away from home and so far so good. 🙂
Our adventure nearly didn’t start. We got to the airport in Edmonton on time. Cleared customs and while sipping our Starbucks got lost in our conversation. Michelle’s friend has also joined us,  so we were busy gabbing away when I noticed how much the terminal had cleared out. That didn’t faze any of us however, we just kept talking. A little while later we hear the announcement over the intercom “this is your ABSOLUTE last and final boarding call”. We literally ran onto to the plane and they shut the door of the plane directly behind us. After our grande entrance and many stares as we took the walk of shame to our seats, we couldn’t help but laugh our asses off. How close we were to never leaving Edmonton…
We arrived late into San Jose, Costa Rica. And yesterday was basically a full day to laze around and explore. We found a park near our hotel where apparently half of Costa Rica goes to make out. It was mighty interesting coming up with stories for all the lovers. My fave (made up story) was a youngish looking girl (cant really tell her exact age because they were sucking face the whole time) and a bald headed older man. ‘Juanita’ is ‘Jose’s’ lover on the side while his wife stayed home and baked bread. Poor woman, doesn’t  even have a clue!
We met up with our G Adventures group last night. There are 13 people- about half are chicks and the others are guys. They come from Australia, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Denmark and us. It looks like we will all get along just fine.
This morning was a bright and early start as we drove through the country side to the town of La Fortuna. The country was just what I expected. Very green, with plenty of bright and beautiful flowers. Along the way we stopped at a waterfall which was absolutely breathtaking. A bunch of us decided we would go white water rafting – it was a two hour haul down a class 3 rapids river. The view was spectacular and I am sure the view that those sitting behind me had was even more spectacular with my ass crack hanging out. I was the one at the front of the boat for the first half. Not a really good decision on my team’s part…but I took one for the team. The rapids were crazy and there were multiple times where one person would end up on another’s lap. We had a few near bounces out of the raft, but with our amazing skillz we never capsized. By the time we reached the end of the run my right butt cheek wouldn’t stop twitching. Not sure how my body is going to feel tomorrow? I wont have much time for recovery because we are going canyoneering in the morning.
That is me in the front, nearly falling out

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