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Ready Set Go

319turkeyThis post is originally from June 3, 2014
Hey there everyone,
Just thought I would send a quickie off to let you know that I am about to embark on another adventure. First I will be flying out east through Toronto, and then the 10 hour journey across the pond to Istanbul. Not sure how this geezer will do with my decrepit hips…nothing that drugs can’t fix right?!
Anyway, I will try to stay safe this time. Note to self, don’t go off alone with strange Indian men to try on saris (ok, maybe that only happens in India), or don’t get lost finding my way back to the hotel in dark streets only to talk my way out of possible purse snatching, kidnapping and who the hell knows what else (perhaps only in Vietnam)…Anyway, I will do my best to keep you updated, as this serves not only to keep my family at ease, but also to use as my personal journal to look back on.
Better get packing now…Cheers!
The G Adventures Tour I will take – Turkey on a Budget

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