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More of Istanbul and Captivating Cappadocia

This post is originally from June 9, 2014


The last few days have been full on when it comes to  seeing new sights. Yesterday we walked around a fair bunch capturing many of Istanbul’s amazing mosques and bazaars. It is simply amazing how these massive structures were built so long ago without the modern tools that we use today. They still stand more grande than anything that today’s man could ever produce. The art in every structure is also so intricate and amazing – it truly is hard to take it all in.

Customary washing before enter a mosque for prayers.

Can I just say that I’m getting my ‘cat fix’ in. There are so many cats running around and the locals here treat them like their own pets. Yesterday while having dinner our waiter asked us to feed our leftovers to the cats. Pretty soon we had them walking on our table. CRAZY CAT LADY is alive and well! When I get home my friends will be like ‘let me see all your photos from Turkey’, and all I will have are pictures of cats.
So last night was the dreaded 13 hour overnight bus ride to the region of Cappadocia. Although it was incredibly long, the public bus was super nice. My seat however, happened to be at the very back. This meant bumpy and non-reclining seats. I popped a Gravol and tried my best to get through. At one point I woke up and my head was a mere
inch away from one of the girls’ ass. I guess I’m like a dog – making friends by smelling others nether regions!

One of many stunning shots from Cappadocia

The bus ride was definitely worth it though. Driving into Goreme was like driving into a fantasy world. It is difficult to explain but if you google Cappadocia you will be able to see this bizarre and picturesque place. Basically a bazillion years ago three volcanos
erupted and covered the area in cone shaped rock formations. When man discovered the area they began building homes into the rocks. It is absolutely surreal and like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Today we visited a UNESCO World Heritage Sight of about 10 churches carved into the formations. Each about 1000 years old; paintings are still vibrant
on the walls and skeletons still lay in the ground next to where you walk.

For lunch we had the most amazing meal yet.  A five course meal and the main course was cooked in single clay pot per person. You literally had to hit your pot open with a mallet to get into your dish. I’m sure that woman on the tv show ‘My Strange Addiction’ who ate
terra cotta pots would love this, as she could eat the clay pot as well!! And the food didn’t end. Later today we went to visit with a local family where they had us in their home and cooked us a meal. This is truly an amazing place and one I wish for your eyes to see in


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