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The Sights, Sounds and SMELLS of India!

This post is originally from February 11, 2017

Yesterday morning we got up bright and early in order to catch all the action at the local fish market in Kollam. It just amazes me how many people are out and have started their day before 6 am! We drove past a cinema and literally hundreds and hundreds of people were lined up cheering at 5:30 am for the opening of a Bollywood movie! We later stopped for road side chai and right there before us walking among traffic was an elephant. We saw this again later in the day when driving to the next town and my jaw hits the floor every time. This elephant had a reflector on his butt so that other cars would see him. Although this looks incredibly cool, my heart breaks because he’s got chains around his ankles like shackles. Elephants shouldn’t live like this!!

Anyway, on to the next spectacle … the fish market! If you could get past the smell, this was something you only imagine in your dreams. A melee of thousands of people yelling and jostling amidst the biggest fish ever … like organized chaos!! Boats would pull up, dock and they’d pull 600lb fish from the bellies of their boats. In a sea of thousands of people there would be auctioning going on and deals being made. The sword fish were absolutely massive and in abundance but what was also shocking to see were the humongous sting rays. The chaos of people shouting, fish coming through, blood and guts on the ground and birds swarming overhead may sound like an utter nightmare but I have to say it was such a cool experience to witness.

Our day then took us to Varkala which is this really cool hippy beach town. One massive beach and then at the top of the cliff are yoga studios, shops, restaurants and of course Ayuverdic massages spas. This is definitely a backpackers haven and a place where you could spend loads of time.

First things first was hitting the beach and going for a swim. Later food and shopping. I wish I could freeze time and stay here forever!

If you are interested in taking a tour that covers the places on my adventure check out G Adventures ~ Kerala Beaches & Backwaters

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