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Rio impresses yet again ~ Copacabana & Carnival


This post was originally from March 9, 2019

Her name was Lola she was a showgirl. With yellow feathers in her hair and her dress cut down to there…


Today was all about the Copacabana. We are actually staying in Copacabana and are just minutes away from the beach. There are so many beaches here in Rio and they stretch for miles. The sand is pristine and the water is so clear. The problem with Copacabana is that it’s incredibly busy. There are literally probably thousands of people and sun umbrellas that line the beach. Although it might not be the most relaxing beach it makes for amazing people watching that’s for sure.

We were warned to be very careful of our belongings. One of the ladies on our tour was walking the strip near the beach and a guy pulled her necklace right off her neck .  Fortunately 5 of us went to the beach together so when a few were swimming the others could guard our bags. The water was awesome and the waves were super fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better last full day in Brazil. My happy place is definitely near the ocean. Listening to the waves crash in is so peaceful to me.

After sweating our asses off we had to get ourselves to the pick-up point for our Carnival tickets. It just so happened to be in a Synagogue! They have the most backward way to get tickets. You can’t print them off ahead of time and you can only go on certain days to pick them up. We weren’t in the city for the other pick-up days so this was our only chance. The line snaked outside so we were in it for the long haul. About 2 hours later we got our passes and I couldn’t have been more excited to get showered and ready for Carnival.A52781FD-E154-44FC-9AFB-BE39CA221011

Kris and I bought the shortest skirts (they look like tennis skirts), tacky tanks (mine is bedazzled and says Everything is Amazing), as well as miniature top hats to clip into our hair like fascinators. We looked hella cheesy and we were ready to go.

You had to hire a pick up to get to the Sambódromo as normal cars can’t get near the stadium. Traffic was insane but we only missed part of the first parade. The parade of Champions hosts the top 6 winners from Carnival. Each school has about an hour to showcase their parade. It starts off with fireworks and singing by the entire crowd. Everyone seemed to know the samba school’s song and the energy was electrifying. Each parade has a story to tell but not having a clue what they were singing about, Kris and I felt a little lost at times. Even though we had no clue what was going on there was no question that the costumes, dancing and out of this world floats were completely jaw dropping. I can’t even imagine the amount of work that goes into each parade. I have never seen anything as grandiose in my life. The colours were vibrant, the stadium was loud and it just gave me chills to be a part of something so incredible. Our seats were right near the front as well so we felt all VIP!  A couple on our tour were near us but a bit further back. They paid over $600 US per ticket. I am not sure how we got such great seats at about $200US each. Score!50C234D3-CA54-49CF-A93B-307F7C68CA604D1740FC-280B-4A15-8C3A-719DC73FBF2F

The parades went long into the night and into the morning. I think they ended around 5:30am! We watched 4 parades and didn’t leave until well past 2am.

This was another absolutely incredible day! Words can’t describe how phenomenal the parade was. The entire stadium gets so into it and everyone is out of their seats dancing and singing right along with the parade. It’s definitely a night I’ll never forget!


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