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Hydra – A Greek Paradise

IMG_3357This post is originally from September 29, 2019

This weekend has been nothing but a Greek paradise. Arriving in Hydra at night, all we could tell was that it looked super cute with the white washed buildings and narrow cobblestone streets. Waking up and seeing it in daylight turned the island into vibrant colours. The sea is so blue that it looks like a painting and the cute little white washed houses perched on the cliffs with colorfully painted doors as far as the eye can see are just breathtaking. There are so many cats and the majority look well fed and healthy. This truly is a kitty paradise! (Today I stopped to sit down and pet one cat and pretty soon I had about 10 around me. A couple thought I had food for them but it turns out I am just a magnet!)

Yesterday we hiked along the water’s edge until we found a beach. The beaches on Hydra aren’t sandy but it doesn’t take away from the beauty. Getting in and out of the sea on the other hand is a bit of a feat. The rocks are far from comfortable but once in the ocean it was refreshing and beautiful! I had my share of laughs watching people get in and out on all four because the rocks are so jagged and slippery. I wasn’t entirely graceful myself, but managed to get out with my bikini in tact.

The path along the cliffs near the ocean are truly picturesque as they are lined with olive and grape trees. Xenia and I plucked a black olive from a tree and took a bite out of it. We both thought we had been poisoned. The taste was like chemicals and we couldn’t get rid of the grittiness on our tongue. Obviously we are both still alive so no harm there.

The rest of the evening we walked around town and had dinner in the harbor. One appetizer we shared was feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry and covered with honey and sesame seeds. It was like a feta baklava and it was amazing!


Today we got up early so that we wouldn’t waste any of the day. After having breakfast we decided to hike to a monastery. It was fully uphill and I was struggling with my ankle. Going uphill, my foot has to bend upwards and I was falling behind the other girls. (I make it sound like it was just my ankle, but it’s also because I am terribly out of shape.) When we took a break to look at the map and see how much farther we had to go I knew I was in trouble. I decided that I’d split from the girls and make my way back to the harbor alone.

Along my travels I ran into a couple and we got talking. They are TV producers from NBC and are making a pilot for a new show called Where in the World. Apparently they drop 5 people off in different locations around Greece and give them a hint.  It’s a race for the people to find each other at the undisclosed location where the winners obviously get a hefty prize. They need one more person to participate and they asked if I wanted to do it. Yah! UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE right!? I would have to meet in Athens tomorrow and it would take a week. I’d be on my own but with my own camera crew and all expenses would be paid. Unfortunately I can’t do it because I have to be back at the camp in the morning.  You don’t know how much this pains me. I wish it could be for the week after and maybe I could change my flights.   My stomach just flips when I think about this opportunity but I know I can’t do it. Imagine coming all this way to do something selfless but then quit half way through to be selfish. My heart … my heart – plus I wouldn’t want to leave Lucy when we only get to see each other for these two weeks.

Anyway right now I’m sitting in a cafe at the edge of the sea waiting for the girls to get back from the Monastery.  I wish we had more time here as it truly is paradise, but nothing lasts forever and it’s almost time to catch the ferry back to Athens.  Until next time…


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