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this post is originally from February 14, 2010

Yesterday we bused it to a town called Pushkar. I almost got motion sick on the way,  but managed to keep it down. Pushkar is a holy place where no alcohol, meat or eggs are allowed in the town. It is considered holy because this is where the only temple for Brahma the Creator is – so many flock here to the holy lake. Funny thing is that the lake is completely dried up right now. I wonder what that means?

Yesterday we had lunch on a rooftop where we sat on piles of pillows on the floor. It was such a unique experience as the sun was beating down and the hills and temples surrounded us. We shopped in the market for a bit and came back to eat and watch another Bollywood film called Namaste London.

This morning we woke at 5:30 and made our way to one of the many temples to watch the sunrise. It was 45 minutes of hell to climb to the top.  First of all I have a cold so I could only breathe out of my mouth. Then I got stomach cramps and was worried that I was struck by the infamous ‘Delhi belly’…  Jess had to hold my arms while I leaned my bare ass off the edge of a cliff.  Once at the top it was beautiful! Definitely worth the climb of death!

This evening was really cool. We each rode a camel into the desert. Pushkar is semi desert so it was really neat to ride the camel in a natural setting. Did you know that when a camel is ‘in heat’ it has this thing that basically looks like a kidney that falls out of its mouth. It was foaming from the mouth with this nasty organ hanging and chasing this other camel. I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t riding either camel because it looked incredibly messy…but watching it from afar I nearly busted a gut laughing !24245_10150124290415434_3517196_n Half way thru we stopped for a while and attracted the local children. Thankfully these kids didn’t  beg and I got to do cartwheels and play in the sand with them.  It was refreshing to see kids play and be happy in an environment which is so full of poverty.



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