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Calungute, Goa

this post is originally from February 21, 2010

Yesterday was a wonderful day at the beach. Goa is HOT! Super hot! Love it, but I’m sweating like a trucker at the moment. Yesterday was also the last day of our ‘tour’. I put it in quotes because it really didn’t feel like a tour, but  just travelling with a big group of friends. We spent the day on the beach and Calangute beach was like no other that I have ever been on. Why you ask? Well, lets start off with YOGA MAN. As I am heading to the water I see a man who has skin like tanned leather. He could be Indian…but also could be an old leathery white dude. Nevertheless I couldn’t help but stare. Picture someone squatting and then putting their bum straight in the air. I was coming from behind and what was Yoga Man wearing? A g-string. Right in front of me was a bare ass and a sack of nuts!!! Oh man, I wish I had my camera to show you. This man could contort himself into all sorts of positions. What a spectacle!!!
Then there are the herds of cows and bulls that strut the beach. Some of them blended in quite well with the large old Europeans in their string bikinis, and thongs. But can you imagine having share the beach with these bovines!

a group of crazy locals frolicking in the sea

And while relaxing in our lounge chairs a group of three children set up a high wire and started banging on drums. Here is this little girl walking the wire with a pan on her foot if you can believe. And of course there was common Indian occurrence of begging. It was hard not to watch this under aged circus but at the same time you don’t want to encourage these poor children who should really be in school. It just is so sad!circus

And over the course of this entire trip I have felt like what I can only imagine what a celebrity slightly feels like with paparazzi following. Everywhere we turn people are taking our pictures and wanting to have a piece of us. I usually smile and go with it, but for the first time I put my hand in front of the camera like a real celebrity asking the people to stop. I draw the line at me half naked in my bikini!!!
The day was amazing and our last dinner together on the beach was so memorable.
This morning wasn’t a total goodbye though. 6 of us moved on to another more secluded beach where I will soon catch the rays once we can officially check in.

All is well and it seems so sad that in a weeks time I will be back at work!


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