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In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle…

this post is originally from February 25, 2010

The last few days were relaxing, hot and amazing. Spending time at the beach and in the ocean was fantastic. It was massively hot, but the ocean was amazing and who could ask for anything better than eating in a beach hut, jumping in the waves and soaking in the sun?  We did do a banana boat thing (one of those massive floating devises that is in the shape of a banana where we hold on to ropes and get towed behind a speed boat at warp speeds). That was hilarious until we all got flipped and one of the girls had a rope pulling her by the leg. A bit brutal, but she only left with minor injuries.24245_10150124289770434_6324500_n
Yesterday we left Colva, Goa and flew to Mumbai and then up to Delhi. We thought we would get in at 11 and then get picked up to go to Corbett National Park. Corbett is 250 km away so we figured we would get to our hotel at around 2pm. Hmmmm, big mistake. First our flight was delayed, and when we got our bags and looked for our names on a sign in the arrivals section (very excited about that too) there was nobody to be found. After finding someone to call we found our driver. We asked how long it would take…6 bloody hours!! And he shortchanged himself…it took over 7. So in the fits of swerving, honking, stopping for smokes, stopping for who knows what and driving about 40 clicks at some points we tried to sleep. It was a bit brutal…but this experience will only make my bed at home so much more sweeter.

Our hotel here is beeeeeeautiful. It is right inside the national park and monkeys are everywhere. We were a bit hung over from lack of sleep, but at 2pm we finally got to start our safari to see the infamous tigers. We could have gone by elephant, but we chose jeep because we were assured that you can see more of the jungle (makes sense). So we spent the day in the jungle in search for tigers. We were also told that we could see elephants, bears, crocodile, cobras, panthers, and many birds. I think I may need an x-ray when I get home because I think my liver replaced my bowels and my stomach might be in my mouth. It was super bumpy as we drove through all sorts of terrain. It was hilarious though. At the beginning we saw lots of elephant shit and even tiger tracks. We also saw many, many, many deer. After a long while we came across some elephants and I have to say that it never gets old to see an elephant in the wild. Again we stalked the jungle looking for the tiger. Apparently there are only 1411 left in India and guess how many we saw??? Zip, zilch. Zero. boo hoo hoo. 24245_10150124302680434_8252426_nWe did see peacock which was cool, and lots of monkeys…and deer of course and some moose looking thing. But the elephants topped the list. Still slightly sad that the crouching tiger didn’t jump out at us.
Anyway, looks like our trip is coming to an end. We have our long journey back to Delhi tomorrow and then our flight leaves at 3:30 am. Then we are homeward bound.

24245_10150124290540434_1736940_nIt has been an amazing trip full of so many crazy memories. This country is so chaotic and at times seems backwards, but it works. Everyone lives in a semblance of harmony. If a country like ours had this many people in such small quarters I am sure the chaos would be disastrous. I have so many things that stick out in my mind and I am so happy and thankful that I have had the chance to experience this in my life. Travel is my lifeline and I have learned so much while I have been here.

This is the place where Gandhi was giving his speech when he was assassinated.

Until next time…thanks for experiencing this journey with me and see you soon!


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