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Casablanca, Rabat and Meknes

260090_10150652841670434_1839987_nthis post is originally from May 15, 2011
Like I said in the last post we started out the trip in the famous city of Casablanca. Situated in a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean it wasn’t difficult to get adjusted to our new environment. I totally should have brushed up on my French because Casablanca is almost completely french speaking. There isn’t a lot to do as it is mainly the economic hub of Morocco, but it was a great place to get adjusted to the time. We ventured into the town and went to the Hassan Mosque which is the 3rd largest mosque in the world. It is built over the ocean and the ceiling actually retracts!  It is so large that it can house the Notre Dame. It was pretty unbelievable. But just steps away we found ourselves lost in the Old Medina which is basically a residential area for the locals. We stood out even more than we usually do and had to find our way past chickens (both live and dead ones) to get to the main road. We made our way to Ricks Cafe which is where the movie Casablanca was filmed, but as I am no old school movie buff, I haven´t watched Casablanca before.258557_10150652855970434_2006449_o
The weather is HOT and beautiful. We walked the main strip a few times over the past few days and I guess we made quite an impression on some of the waiters.  They knew exactly what we had done the day before and also knew where we are staying. HMMMMM??? A tad creepy!!251752_10150652848610434_2890792_n
Our hotel door didn’t lock either so Heather has this alarm that she boobie trapped the door with. At 8 am on the morning there the maid came waltzing in only to have this screeching  alarm go off! I  think we scared the shit out of her…and I might have also peed the bed a little too(kidding)! Oh, and get this…at one point during our walks on the streets this made called out to us ‘lesbiaannnnnnnn’!!!!!  Really????
Last night we met up with our G Adventures tour group and they all seem great. This morning we were off together as we headed to Rabat. This is the parliamentary capital. We saw mausoleums and interesting architecture…but somehow only got as far as a gelato shop because protests were going on. 257617_10150652848605434_4586719_o

We then drove another couple of hours to the city of Meknes. Here in the main square they have snake charmers, medicine men and many other sights that were all new to me. We made our way through a market which was full of winding streets in an old Medina … and yes we surprisingly enough did get lost!  257617_10150652848625434_6921399_oI made my first purchase. A pair of hand made leather sandals. I love shopping…my shopping addiction will be well fed in this country I am thinking!
Things seem very safe here and it looks like they caught the 3 men who set off the bomb in Marrakech. The country so far has been extremely clean and beautiful and I cant wait to see what is next.

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