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Take me to Casablanca…

this post is originally from May 14, 2011



This adventure takes me to two very different countries. My friend Heather and I will join a G Adventures Tour for the Morocco leg of the trip and when we go to Spain we are meeting up with my friend Kris. In Spain we will navigate the country on our own. We arrived here in Casablanca two days ago and it is simply beautiful! The city is fairly clean…especially where we are staying.  Our hotel is right near the beach and you can see the beach right from our balcony! The area that we are staying looks more like Miami than Morocco, with the expensive Mercedes and BMW’s driving by. However if you venture a little further away you definitely see the poverty. Today we walked in the Old Medina where we certainly stood out among the dead chickens. 260057_10150652828280434_7334445_nI think we were the only tourists that had been around in a while, because the stares we got made me feel a tad uncomfortable!  Morocco is a Muslim country and we definitely have to be aware of how we dress in public.  We have to cover our shoulders and legs which makes the heat a bit hard to take when you can’t take any clothes off. We are told that we don’t have to cover our heads, but many lady do wear the hijab and burka.

I look forward to see what lies ahead on this adventure and I hope that I can bring this piece of the world to you as well…

The G Adventures Tour I took which has changed a little since but is quite similar is – The Highlights of Morocco

They start the parking attendants working at a young age! hahaha

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