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Hola Amigos

this post is originally from May 30, 2011

We have safely made it into Spain and are enjoying the sights and the beautiful weather.258791_10150656143705434_1816939_o

Morocco was so full of crazy wonderful things and it is a nice change to be somewhere a tad cleaner and a little more western. We were definitely getting by a little easier with the whole language situation  – in Morocco French was readily spoken. But here I am completely dense when it comes to Spanish…I guess those three months of Spanish classes with my dad a few years ago came in rather handy…NOT.

259127_10150656130180434_4799467_oWe landed in Sevilla and picked up a car at the rental place. When I tried to pay for the rental car with my credit card , it declined. Apparently my credit card has fraudulent activity on it and they froze the card. Ahhhhh. Someone in China has been having a hayday with my card and now I have to rely on the bank of Heather Bredy. Thank god I have a sugar daddy friend or else I would be screwed!246882_10150656136140434_6011684_n
 I am the designated map reader and Heather is the driver. We booked our first hotel before arriving here so all we had to do was find it on the map and get our asses there…this seems simple. We found our way to the center of town but could not for the life of us manage to find our hotel in the labyrinth of one way streets. Cars were honking and there was a lot of swearing going on. We could not get ourselves to a place that was on the map! Eventually after a few hours of swearing and sweating we decided to stay at a different hotel on the outskirts of the main center and paid over 100 Euros just for our sanity. We had visions of sleeping in the car so this was the next best thing.
City of Grenada
The next day we toured the city and walked our asses off. It is such a beautiful city but Spaniards seem to eat at odd times of the day. That night there was a major soccer game against Barcelona and Manchester. It was fun to be a part of the action – people were spilling out of every bar and pub!!
Yesterday we found our way to the city of Grenada. It is absolutely picturesque as it is situated in the mountains. Grenada is where we met up with my friend Kris. After picking her up we went to Granada’s most popular tourist attraction – The Alhambra. It felt like we were right back in Morocco with its ornate Arabic architecture. It is a fortress that dates back to the 11th century.

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