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this post is originally from June 5, 2011

P1010219spainOur time in Spain is almost over. I can´t believe how fast time flies when you are having fun. We have covered a lot of miles and seen many things. From Grenada we headed south to Almeria… we explored the towns around Andalusia all the while trying to find the coveted beach. To be honest the weather hasn’t been really beach worthy the last few days, but I am trying to get in as much sun as I can before coming home. Just being near the ocean makes me so happy.259669_10150656167220434_179801_o

From Almeria we drove about 5 hours up to Valencia. There is a lot to see and do in Valencia, but I am not a cathedral buff so I opted for the beach. Kris and I got all lubed up with sun screen, got our bikinis on and went outside only to find out that it was a tad on the cloudy side. Because we had told Heather we´d meet up with her at the beach later (and we had no way of getting a hold of her) we decided we still should go. The weather did not cooperate and we ended up getting a big whoop ass by the wind. It really was a lovely beach

One of the beaches in Almeria

… if you could open your eyes. We wrapped ourselves up in our towels with our hoodies over our heads and laid next to a wall to try to break the wind. It was not a success! And all the while we were getting bitch slapped by the wind, Heather was off finding the Holy Grail! (Literally the Holy Grail!) Who knew that Valencia was home to this iconic  relic!??!  We also experienced a great tapas restaurant in Valencia which was an awesome change from pizza. One thing that doesn’t make much sense in Spain is their hours of operation. Everything seems to be closed from 5 pm until 9, and then the restaurants are bustling.

From Valencia we drove about 3 hours to Tarragona(a beach near there). The hotel was infested with children as there must have been some soccer (football)  event that the whole region was invited to. After getting a soccer ball near to the head I taunted the little shits by telling them that I´d kick their ball in the ocean. bahahahaha. Maybe its a good thing I don’t have children!

Today we drove about an hour up to Barcelona. I am sure we could spend a week in this amazing city because there is so much to see and do. Today we spent some time walking around Park Guell which is one of Gaudi’s masterpieces and also a UNESCO Heritage Site.  The park is absolutely unique in which it integrates Gaudi’s unique architecture into the surrounding natural setting. Everywhere we went Gaudi’s influence was never missed. From the amazing Sagrada Familia of Antoni Gaudi Cathedral to buildings along the Promenade, there was always something to see. 258561_10150656210960434_6188683_o

Eating our last paella and drinking a sip of the last sangria was bitter sweet. It has been a fantastic trip and I dread going home to the real world! But until next time…


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