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Voted off the island…

This post is originally from February 7, 2013

The universal sport and laughter of children!

Ok, ok, so I said good bye from Ometepe Island, but I have to rewind here… On our last night on the island Michelle and I pass a sink on the way back to our Homestay house.  In the sink are at least 5 roaches, and Michelle turns to me and says, thank god our house doesn’t have a roach problem like that. Little did we know that soon we would be part of a losing battle. We get in our room and it is literally swarming with roaches. You know, the flying kind that hit the wall and make noise and then dive bomb you??  And no I am not exaggerating! So here we are in our room trying to dodge the dirty suckers while wiping off our beds from the other random bugs. Then once we lifted our pillows there were more roaches hiding and waiting to pounce. It was freaking insane!!! Michelle probably killed about 15 herself. I was a little quicker on the war and got my mosquito net around my bed and tucked in. I sat in my safe haven and watched the spectacle as poor Michelle kept up the fight. Literally she would get one off the bed and two more would reappear. I couldn’t contain myself – laughed my ass off. We probably woke up all the neighbors since our walls didn’t touch the roof. Finally the piece de resistance in Michelle’s fight was a lizard in her bed. Eventually she got herself all tucked in when she realized the last remaining roach was tucked right in with her she didn’t have the gusto to fight any longer. Roach vs Michelle…Roach is the winner!

Hours later and I have to pee. Now the toilet is not connected but around the corner outside. After I waited until the very last moment and my bladder was about to burst I decided to risk it. I untucked myself from my netting and got the courage to go outside in the dark. Mid pee I look down and there with my own two eyes I see a freaking SCORPION. This isn’t just any ordinary scorpion – it is literally the length of my middle finger. Its clampers were in full view and it was literally going towards my feet. Mid pee I jumped up and it changed direction and went towards me as I threw myself against the tin door. Now remember…this is about 3am and I know everyone is sleeping so instead of a full on scream I am gasping in fear. This scorpion was after me!!! Again I am not making this shit up. I changed directions and it would too. I flew out of there as fast as I physically could but opening a tiny metal latch at top speed in the middle of the night while taking a piss isn’t my forte!

The picturesque town of Grenada
Alas, I was ready to be voted off that island and very much welcomed moving on to our next place. We boarded something called a chicken bus. This is an old yellow school bus that is painted vibrant colours on the outside and CRAMMED as full as you can get. Standing in the aisle is just another space for more passengers. Thankfully I got a seat but 2 hours on such bus was far from comfortable. My favorite part of this ride was at the beginning when random people would board the bus and try to sell  things such as underwear, popcorn, drinks in a plastic bag, remote controls and plenty of other random shit! They would creep along the crammed aisles yelling out what they were selling. So entertaining!!!
We arrived in the city of Granada. It is a cute colonial town that has a lot of character. This is definitely a place that I could spend a lot more time in.  This morning we went to different lookout places so that we could see the views of this area, and then we went to an oasis. Here was a lake that sits in the middle of a volcanic crater. It was seriously so incredibly beautiful. The water was so clear and untouched and there are very few places around the lake where people can get to. We went to this one area with a dock and a floating dock and soaked up the sun in the most remote and beautiful place. I wish I could stop time and stay here much longer!
After this amazing place we went to a market. Unfortunately the lovely ‘Nords’ we are traveling have a problem with being on time and because of them we missed out on prime shopping time. I had only 45 minutes to power shop. Dear lord, this is pressure. Pedal to the metal. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to shop since coming and I tried to make the best of it.
Even though I could have shopped for hours we had to leave in order to get to the Masaya Volcano in time for the sun to set. We drove to this volcano and once at the top it was insane. The volcano had so much smoke coming out of it because part of the volcano blew just last April. The smoke was so intense that you couldn’t help but cough. The scenery surrounding the volcano was again so gorgeous and I just feel so lucky to see all this amazing beauty.
I am loving my group that I am traveling with. I know I spoke badly of the ‘Nords’ but they do provide a hell of a lot of entertainment.

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