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Paradise off the coast of Nicaragua

This post is originally from February 9, 2013

Our knight in shining armour and his chariot!

Well, well, well…

Yesterday we traveled north through the town of Leon and then to the Pacific coast. Here we took a sketchy little boat and got off  among the mangroves which apparently is where the crocs live. As we got off and waded through the water I couldn’t help but picture the scene from the movie Crocodile Dundee,  where the woman is bathing in the water and the croc jumps out and grabs her from the purse around her body. My story is not as interesting as this…we got off and our chariot awaited… a starved horse with a cart behind him to take our bags. We walked for about 15 minutes to our hostel. This island is called San Brasiles and is totally remote. There are only a few locals and this one hostel on the entire island.  The beach is such a long stretch where you don’t see another person in sight. It is gorgeous. The sand is so soft and black, which makes walking on it a bit of torture test.
The view at Surfing Turtle Lodge
Yesterday we basked in the sun, got pummeled by the gigantic waves and watched the most beautiful sunset. My group got nice and friendly as all 14 of us shared a dorm room. This morning Michelle and I went on a long walk along the beach. It is literally paradise. Fish jump as the tide comes in. I go to my ‘special place’ when I can pick shells off the beach and watch the pelicans fly so close to the crashing waves. At about mid day a few of us took surf lessons. The waves are incredibly fast so once you get crashed by one, there is literally no  time recoup. It was tiring and frustrating. Finally by the end when I was ready to give up –  I finally stood up. Thank the good lord.
My meager attempt at surfing

After lunch I fell asleep in a hammock, and later it was time for another swim. Damn life is hard!   Michelle and I got pulled far out but at least this way we were past the break. It was completely surreal when about 15 pelicans flew right over our heads.

Then there was the sunset…ahhhhhh. I wish I could put life on pause for a while.
Adios from paradise

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