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Moving down to the Mediterranean Sea

This post is originally from June 13, 2014

The other night after being slathered in olive oil (at the hamam), we basically slid our way onto the overnight bus. This time it was a ten hour ride south to the Mediterranean coastal town of Cirali.


As soon as we got to the town we made our way to the beach. Ahhhh the ocean. Seriously I feel so happy when I’m near the ocean. Why do I live in landlocked Alberta again?
beachThe day was full of sun and sea, and when the sun set I was in for another unbelievable experience. We were picked up by a tractor that had a cart hooked to the back. All 14 of us piled on the back, and like a herd of cattle we were taken to our secret destination. I honestly had no idea what we were about to do. We got to this mountainous area and began our hike. It was pretty rocky and extremely dark. This was the first time our guide had also been there so he didn’t forewarn us to bring a headlamp or proper shoes. Thankfully everyone is addicted to their cell phones so we were able to use this as a flash light. After a treacherous 1 km climb to about 250 meters above sea level we reached the strangest phenomenon… It looked as if there were about a dozen bonfires. Literally flames  were shooting from the ground. I think this is unique to only this one place in the world. Basically there is natural gas under the earth’s crust and whereever the rocks had cracked and made an opening, flames would shoot out. So what better activity to do around an open fire? Roast marshmallows. It was such a bizarre and  amazing experience. This world is sure full of incredible things!

Now going down perhaps was not as difficult physically, however the slippery rocks and navigating in the dark made for a bit of a treacherous feat. While laughing at one of my friends because she had sat on a sticky marshmallow stick and the stick was standing straight out from her arse, karma quickly dealt me my card. I landed straight on my ass/arm by slipping down a rock. I stood up with only minor cuts and bruises…but seriously, my trip wouldn’t be complete without one mishap under my belt!

This morning we drove another two hours to the coastal town of Kekova. Here we embarked on our sailing adventure. Sailing in the beautiful blue sea, we then got to swim in caves and watch sea turtles swim by. Tonight we will sleep on the deck of the boat under the stars. Sounds pretty dreamy now doesn’t it?!!!


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