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This post is originally from June 15, 2014

On our way to another cute town of Dalyan we stopped off for lunch. Throughout the trip getting freshly squeezed orange juice has been quite a treat. Turkey produces a massive amount of oranges and is a huge exporter throughout Europe. So today, like any other day I treated myself to another glass of freshly squeezed juice. This glass was like no other. When it came, I downed about half the glass because it tasted so good. Thankfully my attention was caught by cat so I stopped drinking my juice. All of a sudden one of the girls screamed out that there was something moving in her juice. Then another and another…bloody freaking hell – all of our orange juices were laced with maggots!!!!! I picked one out of my glass and it was wriggling around!!!! Let me tell you that I am pretty freaking sure that will be my last glass of orange juice in a very long time!!!!!
Today we hired a boat and it took us to this little island that has natural mud pits and thermal pools. The first thing we did was get into the mud pit (which was nice and warm) and cover our bodies in mud. When we were coming out of the mud pool we looked like green monsters. After that, the sun dried the mud on our bodies. The feeling of the mud pulling on your skin as it dries feels super weird. Then we went to the showers…
but it was like a bunch of super power hoses shooting from above. One  Aussie friend, Denise  yells out ‘I just popped a nip’ as the force was so strong it ripped her bikini top right off. After this, a man stood there with a hose and if we had any leftover mud residue  on any orifice on our body he shot it straight at us. Once our inspection was
all clear we made our way to the thermal pool. Wow!

Our boat then took us to a fresh water lake that has channels that lead to the sea. On our way out we were able to see tombs carved into the side of the mountains. They are as old as 400BC. It is so crazy that this stuff still exists. Honestly I can’t comprehend the extent of how  old things are because at home 100 years is pretty ancient!

Eventually we made our way through the channel to an area where these massive turtles unique to this area breed and live. They are called Caretta Caretta. We docked at the strip of beach which had lake on one side and sea on the other. The sand was soft and the day was pretty freaking magnificent !!!


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