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Pamukkale & Selcuk

This post is originally from June 17, 2014

Every day is seriously a new adventure. Life at home can pretty much be the same from day to day, but traveling is just so unique and eye opening. There is just so much out there that the world has to offer and it’s a shame we can’t see it all!

Magnificent Pamukkale!

Yesterday we made our way to Pamukkale. This is again one of those places you just need to google to understand how crazy and beautiful it really is. I remember seeing a photo on the internet a few years ago and thinking ‘where in the world is this?–I have to see that one day!’ And here I am!!!!!

Basically the famous white cliffs of Pamukkale are 2700 m long and 160 m high, and are visible from 20km away. There are about 20 hot water springs which are these picture perfect blue pools, and the cliffs have been formed by calcium carbonate deposits that harden over time. Being able to relax and swim in the springs while in this magnificent
place is simply surreal.  Freaking amazing!

Later we went to see the ceremony of the Whirling Dervish. I have heard of this and that it is  unique to Turkey, but to be honest I thought it was a dance. In fact this is a form of meditation. With music and prayers to Allah these men dressed in white robes and a large hat (the hat represents the tomb stone of the ego) twirl in circles while praying. They almost look as if they are in a trance but the twirling signifies the fundamental condition of our world, particles and basically existence in revolving. They follow a poet, Rumi’s teaching from the 1200’s – but pray to Allah and the Muslim faith. It was definitely
interesting, but an hour of spinning men was definitely enough! …

The cute winery town of Sirince

… It’s been a few days since I last wrote the above so I will carry on now…Yesterday we traveled to the city of Selcuk. This has been our home base for two nights. Yesterday we drove about a half hour to this tiny winery town of Sirince.  It was built long ago by the Greeks so the architecture looked a bit different than it’s surroundings. High in the hills overlooking plateau after plateau of vineyards, the scenery was picture perfect. We were able to sample many different fruit wines. Strawberry, apple and pomegranate were my favorite. But then I tried this cherry port and I have to admit I got a bit tipsy. When drunk all reasoning seems to escape my mind and I bought a bottle of port …did not consider how difficult it would be to bring it home in my backpack. Lord help me!!!!

Me and my gals doing a little tasting!

Today I went to the beach with my friend Denise. There were hardly any people and I just wanted to soak it all in as I know this will be the last time on this trip. Before leaving we had lunch at this shack of a beach cafe. While there, a horse ran through while we were eating. Not something you see every day! Then I dropped my wallet and this puppy
came and picked it up and ran away with it. I had to chase him and the smart little effer knew to hide behind a table. So bloody cute!beach


We later went to the ancient Roman town of Ephesus. One of the foremost cities in the world at its time, with a strategic location on a trade route – it was another amazing example of how old this part of the world really is.

And then there was the fashion show…who knew this was part of the itinerary???  I wanted to buy leather so we stopped off at a leather place. Their sales tactics were definitely unique. We entered a room with a catwalk and the music and lights were flashing. We got a full on cheesey European fashion show. They had me at the reversible
leopard print  trench coat!!

I can’t help but think my trip is nearing the end and I’m getting super sad about coming home. Tomorrow we move on north – one day closer to departure. 😦

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