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Jinja, Uganda ~ I’m not in denial, I’m on da Nile!!!


This post was originally from February 11, 2018

February 10

As the tour portion of my trip is coming to an end we are now driving back through the places that we originally drove through on the way. Last night we stayed at a campsite just outside Uganda’s capital of Kampala. Ash and I caved and upgraded our tent to a room. She didn’t even have to finish her sentence of ‘what would you think of upgrading…’ before I yelled out HELLZ YES! I’d say I’ve done really well seeing that I have slept in a tent for over a week! I love being in nature but having a place to sleep is so much more enjoyable for me. Having a bed, shower and toilet attached was absolutely glorious! Oh the little things!!!  It put the HEAT right back into Heather and I feel like a whole new person!

Speaking of a whole new person…today I got a full body massage. More on that in a second. We made our way to Jinja, which is a town that happens to sit right on the Nile River. Did you know that the Nile River is about 6670 km long and is the longest river in the world. It runs north from Burundi and flows through Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and finally Egypt.


Jinja is full of extreme activities like white water rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping. A bunch of the group went white water rafting today and they said it was fantastic. I opted out of this one because it’s just so damn expensive. Instead I got a 1 hour full body massage and that worked out to about $25 CAD. It was glorious. It was outside in a half hut that opened and looked out onto the Nile. Talk about picturesque! The only shitty thing is that I fell asleep half way through so I basically missed out on half the massage.


February 11

Today was another scorcher so a bunch of us went tubing on the Nile. We were dropped off 8km upstream and floated all the way back. These kinds of activities make me so happy. Sun, water and barely any physical exertion! Haha. Kidding…sort of. After the river float I took a nap and finally to top off the lack of physical activity why not end the day with another massage! Boom! This time I managed to stay awake the entire time so at least I was able to savor every second.

Those specs are us in the tubes.
Matt photo bombing all of us nappers.

Funny thing…after spending a few hours in the river I came across this sign.

My favorite line in this poster is ‘MANY OF OUR RIVER GUIDES AND KAYAKERS HAVE NEVER CONTRACTED THE PARASITE’ (clearly some have, hahaha)

This is a parasite that you contract from fresh water and they enter through your pores!!!!!

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