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So I went to Uganda and all I brought back were fleas!


This post was originally written on February 13, 2018

February 12

It’s now Monday and it’s the very last day of camping. One more night of unzipping the tent to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and one more tent take-down … I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s kind of bitter sweet. Although I much prefer the luxuries of having a roof, sleeping in a tent in the middle of Africa is pretty damn cool.

It’s also been super interesting driving across Kenya and Uganda. You see so much more of the ‘real Africa’ during the long drives through different countries. People walk everywhere – so many women with heavy loads on their heads walking among traffic on dusty roads in the middle of the heat of the day. Men with so many bunches of bananas strapped to a basic bicycle that he could probably get a gig in the circus because it looks so precarious. Straw huts, crumbling brick structures and shanty tin shacks lining the roads are home to so many. Goats and donkeys are everywhere, and the minute you pass by a child you see a great big grin and waves for everyone. It’s so simple here but like I always say when I come to Africa, the people have very little to nothing in terms of materials goods but yet they have so much joy and happiness. Very different from us in the West where we have so much in material things but are we ever happy enough? I think that’s one reason I love coming back here. It’s a reminder of what is important in life and how we really should appreciate what we have. Because in the big picture we have so much!


The long hours of driving have led to many ‘bushy bushy’ stops. These are road side pee breaks when we can’t hold it any longer. To be honest bushy bushy is usually a lot cleaner and far less smelly than most toilets we have come across. The most entertaining bushy bushy came when I drank too much Diet Coke and was in dire straights. It seemed like forever that I had to wait because the road was village and hut after village and hut. My eyes were turning yellow because I was so full of urine and every bump that we drove over was absolute torture. Eventually the only place we could stop was right in the midst of a group of children. They got so excited when I got out of the vehicle, but little did they know I was only stopping to pee.  I made Ash come with me so she could be my barrier while I did my thing. I bet they’ve never seen an ass so white! Definitely left my mark there!

February 13

And now a day later we have driven back to Nairobi and bid farewell to our group. I’ve met some really amazing people on this trip and I know that I’ve definitely made a few life long friends.

Over the last few days a bunch of us have had these random itchy bites all over our bodies. It’s funny because at first it was a patch here and a patch there, but it turns out we’ve all got the itch! Pretty sure we all have flea bites! A few campsites ago (the one where I got my massages) there was this common area with pillows and benches. At one point we all were laying on them either napping or reading. (Let me not fail to mention that it was also a common area for the resident dogs to hang out.) Let’s hope it was fleas and not bed bugs. We’ve been doing an awful lot of googling and we’ve diagnosed ourselves with the flea sort! Look Ma – I went to Uganda and all I brought back were fleas!

Anyway remember when I told you how I adopted a baby elephant? Well we booked a private session with our baby this evening at 5. We left our hotel at 3:45 and what usually takes about 45 minutes (for 30km) away, took us 2 hours and 15 minutes. The traffic was insane. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was pretty disappointing because by the time we got to the orphanage my little Maktao was sound asleep. So sad. Ash and I did a quick walk-thru of the pens where the tiny ones sleep and begrudgingly made our way back through traffic once more.


This is where Maktao sleeps until he grows to be a bigger elephant. His keeper sleeps in the bunk right above him to tend to him 24 hours a day.
Maktao’s keeper
Usually you’d see dogs just lurking about, but not in Africa…it’s warthogs!

Tomorrow is the start of a new adventure as Ash and I are flying to the island of Zanzibar. Looking forward to beaches and the ocean!

Until next time…

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