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It’s a BUMMER in Paradise

72A07CAE-7BB6-4700-9301-071716BE0208This post was originally written on February 18, 2018

February 17

Today was another day out in the great big sea, but this time we were in search of dolphins. I did this activity about ten years ago when I was last here and it was one of those life altering experiences. Every morning the dolphins come to this specific part of the ocean on the Southern tip of Zanzibar so the locals have created a dolphin tour. What happens is they will find a pod of dolphins and take you to them by boat. Once you see the dolphins surface you jump in with them and there are literally dolphins all around you. When you look down it’s even more spectacular because there are twice as many below you.

I have to admit that my experience was a tad bit different from the last time. Obviously in ten years tourism has grown and the amount of boats doing these tours have multiplied.  It seems a lot less authentic when you have 20 boats searching for dolphins rather than two! But if you get the timing right and are able to get close to these beautiful creatures the exhilaration is no different. It was absolutely amazing when I was snorkeling around and then they all came up to the surface so close to me. Now this is living!

*Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of dolphins…I was too busy swimming!!!


Here are a few pics I took of local fisherman. 

February 18

Perhaps the opposite of living is dying AND something close to dying is having an injury AND having an injury is something I’m currently dealing with … so basically the segway is… I have to tell you about my multiple bum injuries.

Yesterday when I jumped off the boat in a frenzy to get with the dolphins, my not so graceful self skidded my left ass cheek on the wooden part of the boat and it made a bloody road rash burn. It hurt like a son of a bitch –  so basically dolphin tracking is a tough sport or I’m just an awkward white girl. Probably the latter. Anyway today it turns out that on top of my road rash/boat rash it’s also quite bruised. This is bum injury number one. Today I couldn’t help but whinge about my tailbone too. I thought that I must have bruised this at the same time… but nope something much more embarrassing happened that I’ve never experienced before. Inner-ass-crack-chafing. I made Ash take a look and apparently right at the beginning of my crack it’s bright red and sore as a mother effer. Not sure if its possible that sand got in and then my butt cheeks rubbing together caused an eternal flame! Needless to say it hurts to sit down!

See sometimes paradise has its downsides too!

Just assuming the turtle position! Why not??

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