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Stunning Outskirts of Paraty – Horseback Riding through the Rainforest ~ Tally HO!

249EC397-E3E2-451A-AF0F-5918806AB169This post was originally written on February 27, 2019

Now that I have given my ankle a good 24 hours since the ‘accident’ it is definitely starting to show how badly I sprained it. Having a golf ball size protrusion, I have to say walking into town is extremely difficult and painful. I’d say just clench your teeth, but that might pop the fake tooth off! Haha. I’ve honestly never seen cobblestone as uneven and massive as the ones here in Paraty.  With the help of Kris and my guide Juan however, I was able to use them for support.

Today’s activity that I signed up for was horseback riding. How are you going to do this you ask? I have no f$&@ing clue! The thought of putting my foot through a stirrup is pretty excruciating but what am I going to do – stay at the guest house all day?

I questioned my decision to go but I am so happy that I did. It was the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen by horse. They took us through the town where we crossed a river on our horse. Then we climbed up a few mountains where we went through the jungle. It was cool because we saw the CUTEST monkeys in the world! Brazilian Sagui monkeys. They scurry around like little squirrels but have these massive tufts of hair behind their ears.  We then made it to the top of one of the mountains and had the most incredible view ever. Brazil is green! It’s lush and absolutely stunning.

I took this photo later in the trip ~ but these are the monkeys!!!!

Our horses were a little hilarious. Kris’ seemed completely out of breath the entire time and wouldn’t stop snorting. We were worried it would just drop dead. At one point it lost its footing in the mud and looked like Bambi, all the while Kris was on its back holding on for dear life! My horse ran my left leg straight into a jagged tree stump but thankfully it was my good leg.


On the way back we stopped by a waterfall where we could go in and cool off. Kris tested her fate by swinging off a rope and landed on a rock. Nothing major but I’m sure she’ll be bruised tomorrow. Me on the other hand carefully maneuvered myself over rocks but once I saw a foot long centipede that almost touched my foot I was out of there as quick as my gimpy body could take me!


All in all we did quite well. Nobody fell off their horses, but our asses are quite sore and bruised. I’m sure our 5 hour bus ride and flight to Iguacu will really help our cause. But honestly it was 100% worth it!

If you are interested in taking a tour that covers the places on my adventure check out G Adventure’s Wonders of Brazil


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