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Do you want to join me on another adventure?

418452_10151367185795434_1867833814_nThis post was originally from January 24, 2012

Hi there Everyone,
It is that time again… I decided to get my ass out of here Canada during our winter rather than waiting til things turned to bloom. I might not have the full holidays banked or the money saved…but lets worry about that later. Life is too short!
This time I am headed to Southeast Asia. I fly into Thailand, travel throughout Cambodia, then into Vietnam up through Laos and back through Thailand.  I actually had this trip planned at the end of my Australia trip (over ten years ago),  but due to lack of funds (or no funds at all) I had to skip Asia and come straight home. I will be traveling by almost every mode of transportation…trains, planes, automobiles, boats, tuk tuks, elephants perhaps…but I will DEFINITELY not be sporting the camel this time. I think I have had my fare share of camel for this life time! I am incredibly excited for this adventure. I am traveling alone, but will meet up with the same Adventure Group (G Adventures) that I did in Morocco and India. I am sure I will meet a ton of amazing people.
Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out before I left and until next time I will see you on the other side of the world!


The G Adventures Tour that I took –Indochina Discovery

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