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Arriving to the ‘Kok’ in almost one piece…

This post is originally from January 28, 2012

Greetings from Cambodia!

Two days before my departure I came down with the major case of the flu.  I am pretty sure it was the Norwalk Virus because I don’t remember being this sick in a very long time.  I even contemplated canceling this trip. On Tuesday I decided I was fit enough to travel and Wednesday boarded that plane…the journey from hell started when I flew to Seattle. As soon as I arrived in Seattle I started to feel ill again. I tried my hardest to will it out of me, but literally the moment we took off for destination Tokyo I was gagging. I had to break the cardinal rule of staying in your seat while the seat belt sign is on and make a mad dash to the toilets. During the course of that flight I spent more time in that toilet than I did in my seat. It was the longest, most brutal flight of my life. 10 hours of hell and puke.  Alas, I arrived in Tokyo worn out and wanting to head right back home.  I staggered to a spot on the floor and fell asleep among the hubbub of travelers.  When I woke I felt heaps better which made the 7 hours to Bangkok much more manageable!

My roomie from the UK, Helen

The Kok (aka Bangkok) is a city I didn’t see much of upon my arrival. I finish the tour back in the this city so I will get a chance to take in the sights (such as a  good ol fashioned sex show) before I go home.Yesterday I met my roomie Helen as well as the rest of the group and they are all very friendly which I totally expected.  The group consists of all girls…not getting laid ladies…hahaha, but apparently there will be 6 Aussie men joining us in Vietnam. I called dibs on the oldest one because I am the granny of the group once again!

This morning we got up early and headed for the Thai/Cambodia border. At once ‘the sickness’ hit me again. I started to feel like death as we were standing in line waiting in the intense heat. Getting out of the country I felt completely green…but the Cambodian Gods were with me because as we walked through no man’s land I started to feel human again.When we got to our hotel in the town of Siem Reip there was a moment of jubilation. They have Diet coke! I am sitting here sipping my dc writing on FREE internet awaiting to go to a very cool dinner. We are going to a place where orphaned children are raised and taught school, cooking and trades. I have no idea what I am in for…but I’m totally excited.

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